The network of hydroelectric power stations built across the region in the post-war era was a key building block for the regional regeneration that has followed. World leading technology and innovation are synonymous with energy in the Highlands and Islands; from the pump storage system developed at Cruachan; the world’s first grid connected wave and tidal test centre at EMEC in Orkney; a fast breeder nuclear reactor at Dounreay; and the building of oil and gas platforms to survive in the harsh environment of the north sea, the Highlands and Islands consistently lead the way.


At 2015

15,000 jobs

In this sector, accounting for around 7% of the region’s total workforce, including around 8,000 people who are working offshore in oil and gas

The Highlands and Islands of Scotland is bidding to be a world capital for renewable energy. It includes...

EMEC, the world's first grid connected wave and tidal test centre

the Beatrice Offshore wind demonstrator, the world’s first deep-water wind farm

The Meygen Project, commercial scale tidal stream power station